LPs -

Melted Ears for Two Pianos. Advance FGR-14S. William Albright and Thomas Warburton, duo-pianists.(album title: "New Piano Music")

Gorge for doublebass and pre-recorded tape. Brewster Records. Bertram Turetzky, soloist. Br-1317s

Dervish #2 and String Gam - Two Computer Music Compositions; International Contemporary Music Exchange; Anthology of the Music of Texas Composers - 1986.

CDs -

Dulcimer Dream for amplified piano, Adam Wodnick, soloist;1988. Centaur Records Computer Music Series - Volume I. CRC 2029

Anamorphoses for trumpet ensemble; 1990. Centaur Records Computer Music Series - Volume VI. CRC 3012

Il Passaggio Spaziale, for Piano and Computer Music. Released 11/5/98 on Consortium to Distribute Computer Music Compact Disk, CEMISONICS (CRC 2407).


Cinematic Caricatures: Books 1, 2, & 3 (1 hour, 30 minutes) Videotape recording in preparation for broadcast and commercial release during 1999.  Choregraphic computer music by Phil Winsor; choreography, costuming, and staging by Shelley Cushman ( UNT Dance & Theatre); videotape production by Ben Levin (UNT RTVF).