Books and Periodicals Containing References to My Music


Music and Musicians Magazine, May 1972; Pp 17-18

The International Who's Who in Music, 1980 Ed.

Music Educators Journal, March 1975; Pp 35-45

Chicagoland Magazine, November, 1969; Pp 75-76

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New Directions in Music; Cope; David, 1982

Perspectives of New Music, 1981/82 Edition

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The Computer Music Tutorial; Roads, C.;MIT Press, Cambridge, MA.1996.

Compositions Published in Textbooks and Anthologies

Gloria Patri for Tape, Dancer, Slides, and Percussion. Printed in Scores: An Anthology of New Music, Johnson, R., Ed.;Schirmer Books, Macmillan Co., New York, 1981. 

Kyrie Eleison for double choir and tape drone. Printed in An Anthology of Compositions Produced at the Mills College Center for Contemporary Music, Ashley, Rbt., Ed., Mills College Press, Oakland, Ca., 1978. Rage, Rage, Against the Dying of the Light for mixed ensemble.

Printed in Music for Citizen's Band....Accidentally, Parsons, Wm., Ed.; Published by Iowa Corn Music, San Diego, Ca. 1980. Orgel I and Orgel II for pipe organ and pre-recorded tape. Excerpts and discussion printed in textbook New Directions in Music, Cope, David. 1976. Wm. C. Brown, Publ.

Notation Exhibits

Examples of my compositions employing graphic notational techniques have been exhibited in art galleries, and were included in the traveling exhibition, "Eye Music", which toured European art galleries during 1986-87 under the auspices of the British Arts Council.